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Dobshow™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch🌿

Dobshow™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch🌿

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Dobshow™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch🌿

Dobshow™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch🌿

Regular price $46.99
Regular price $46.99 Sale price $89.99
SAVE 47% Sold out

🌿 Dream of growing taller? Dobshow™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch is your secret weapon! 🌿

"Wow, I never thought a foot patch could make such a difference! After using Dobshow™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch for just a few weeks, I can feel myself standing taller. It's like a boost of confidence with every step!"--Sophia

Height Increase FACTS for those with Unfused Growth Plates

Height is not just about genetics - it's also about the complex interplay of hormones,nutrition, and sleep. During adolescence, the human body experiences a growth spurt dueto the release of arowth hormones from the pituitary gland, This hormone stimulates thegrowth plates, also known as the epiphyseal plates, at the ends of our long bones, resulting in increased height.

During adolescence, growth plates located at the ends of long bones allow for bone elongation through the process of ossification. However, upon reaching adulthood, these growth plates fuse and undergo complete ossification, marking the cessation of longitudinal bone growth. Typically occurring between ages 16-18 for females and 18-21 for males, this process establishes final adult height. Nevertheless, there is ongoing interest in methods to stimulate the release of growth hormones post-fusion, thereby potentially influencing bone growth even after growth plate closure.

A scientific leap in height growth

Bridging the gap between the end of natural growth and the desire to realize full height potential,Dobshow™ offers a revolutionary product solution. Our cutting-edge Bioactive Transdermal Enhanced stimulation (BTs) technology uses natural plant extracts to target Key body points and stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
Used Successfully By Over 194,000 People in 174 Countries!
Over 194,000 people in 174 countries have successfully used our height enhancement patches! We use the feedback from these people to constantly change the product, which is why it is the single most EFFECTIVE Height-Gain System you will find ANYWHERE.

Dobshow™'s Bioactive Transdermal stimulation (BTS)

It utilizes the power of the power of bioactive botanical compounds to stimulate growth hormone production. This process begins when the Herbal Height Growth Patch, containing these active ingredients, is applied to specific body points. The natural extracts penetrate the skin and interact with these points, initiating a physiological chain reaction

The stimulation sends neural signals to the pituitary gland, the master regulator of our endocrine system. In response, the gland increases its secretion of growth hormones, which are crucial for cellular reproduction, bone expansion, and tissue development.

What Makes This Dobshow™ Be The GREAT CHOICE?

    • Advanced BTs Tech: innovative growth hormone stimulation.
    • GloballyTrusted: 194,000+ users from 174 countries.
    • Natural Efficacy: Powered by Ginseng and Angelica.
    • Holistic Benefits: Boosts metabolism and nerve health.
    • User-Friendly: Easy, discreet patch application.
    • Balanced Approach: Enhances both height and overall weliness.

    Nature's Best for Your Height coals

    • Radix Bupleuri:Bupleurum root is believed to have properties that promote blood circulation and reduce inflammation, which may indirectly support bone regeneration.
    • Radix Angrlicae Sinensis:Our Angelica extract is specifically processed to enhance its vascular function improvement properties, ensuring maximum delivery of essential nutrients for bone growth.
    • Rhizoma Cyperi:Cyperus root is known for its ability to soothe muscles and promote blood circulation. This may indirectly support bone regeneration by improving the overall health of the surrounding tissues.
    • Rhizoma Notopterygii: A traditional Chinese herb that is believed to have multiple benefits. It has the effects of expelling wind and relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, regulating qi and resolving stagnation, clearing heat and detoxifying, etc., and is widely used. 

    Supported by medical research

    Dobshow™ Herbal Height Enhancement Patch benefits from emerging medical research linking its potent ingredients and innovative bioactive transdermal stimulation (BTs) technology to effective height enhancement. Early studies show a correlation between key ingredients and growth hormone activity, with a focus on bone strength. The pioneering BTs approach aligns with ongoing research in transdermal delivery, offering potential success. Validation of the patch's efficacy for adult height gain is underway.

    Dobshow™ is currently a proven safe and effective product. Combined with the key data of the 8-week phase ll clinical trial, Dobshow™ has confirmed that 2pcs of the soles of the feet before qoing to bed every day are more effective than conventional oral medicines. The security is equivalent to calcium. This study shows that Dobshow™ has a significant curative effect. The effect of Three courses of treatment is generally 5-7cm, and Six courses 10-15cm.

    More of our happy customers!

    "I've been using the Dobshow™ Herbal Height Increasing Foot Patch for two months now, and the results are amazing! My feet feel lighter, and I actually feel like I'm getting taller. Thanks so much for this miraculous product!i'm now the tallest among my friends, and it feels fantastic! "--John Smith, 32, Los Angeles, CA

    "As an adult, I've always wanted to grow taller, but nothing I've tried before seems to work. However, since I started using Dobshow™ herbal heightening pads for two sessions for a month, I have noticed a slight increase in my height. This is really exciting! I will continue to use this product !"-- David Johnson, 28, NY


    How to use?

    1. Clean your feet
    2. Remove the release paper
    3. Attach to the recess of the sole
    4. Wear it overnight and keep 8-12 hours
    5. Remove and clean
    6. 1 tablet per foot per day, only use when sleeping at night.
    A course of treatment for one month.


    Material: non-woven fabric
    Quantity:10pcs pack
    Application area: the soles of the feet
    Ingredients: Radix Bupleuri, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Rhizoma Cyperi
    Applicable age: 5-50 years

    Package Includes:

    10pcs/pack xDobshow™ Herbal Height increasing Foot Patches


    Q1: Are Dobshow™ products safe?
    A1: Yes, Dobshow™ products use all-natural herbal ingredients with proven safety backed by clinical trials and research,
    Q2:Is Height Gain permanent?
    A2: Higher Growth is permanent. When you stop using Dobshow™ products, your height will not return to its previous level. You can use it with confidence.
    Q3: Are there any age restrictions for using Dobshow™ products?
    A3: Dobshow™ products are intended for people between the ages of 5 and 50. People in this age range may consider using it.
    Q4: Are there any side effects associated with using Dobshow™ products?
    A4: Dobshow™ products are safe and do not have any side effects.
    Q5: How do l use Dobshow™ products?
    A5: Application is simple.First, clean your feet and then apply the Foot Patch. patch to the depressed area on the bottom of your foot.Wear it at night while you sleep and remove it after 8-12 hours.Use one patch per day and a course of treatment lasts for one month.

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