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Dobshow™ Foldable Wall-Hanging Trash Bin

Dobshow™ Foldable Wall-Hanging Trash Bin

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Dobshow™ Foldable Wall-Hanging Trash Bin

Dobshow™ Foldable Wall-Hanging Trash Bin

Regular price $27.97
Regular price $27.97 Sale price $99.97
SAVE 72% Sold out


Dobshow™ Hanging Trash Can Kitchen Collapsible Waste Bin for Cabinet Bathroom Car,Sink Plastic Garbage Can

Kitchen Cabinet door hanging collapsible trash can. Trash can comes with hooks, can be hung on the kitchen cabinet door panel. It is a good helper for storing food waste without bending down.

Please Note: The Trash bag does not include!

Disadvantages of traditional trash cans

Traditional designs tend to scatter trash around, making cleanup difficult and increasing the growth of bacteria inside the trash can.

No-punch wall-mounted collapsible trash can

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy & Space Saving,foldable storage when not in use, easy to carry, attach the hanging trash bin to drawers or doors.

You don't need to bend down when using the trash can, you can easily throw the trash into the bin, which is convenient and time-saving.

No-punch wall-mounted + collapsible + trash can lined storage slot + fixed trash bag clipboard

Collapsible and hanging waste bin can be widely used in kitchen/bedroom/bathroom/car. When you don't ues it,it can be extremely save space after folding.

Multifunctional trash bin, beautify your kitchen!

Hanging trash can for kitchen

What made you choose our folding trash cans?

✔️ High efficiency of space utilization: Hanging trash can can be hung on the wall or under the cabinet, does not take up floor space, especially suitable for small space or narrow area use, effective space saving.
✔️ Avoid ground contamination: hanging garbage cans do not touch the ground, which can reduce the accumulation of garbage and pollution on the ground and keep the ground clean.
✔️ Convenient to clean: hanging garbage cans do not directly touch the ground, making it easier and quicker to clean and reducing the difficulty of cleaning.
✔️ Visual neatness: hanging trash cans are hidden in the wall or under the cabinet, not directly exposed to the line of sight, beautiful and neat, reducing the visual sense of pollution.
✔️ Prevent pets from touching: Hanging garbage cans are located in a higher position, not easy to be touched by pets, which can effectively prevent pets from littering or pulling garbage bags.
✔️ Increase air circulation: The bottom of the hanging garbage can is at a certain distance from the ground, which helps air circulation and reduces the retention and spread of odors.
✔️ Easy to install and move: Hanging trash cans are usually simple and easy to install, do not require additional brackets or bases, and are easy to move around.

Cabinet door hanging instructions

Equipped with a non-marking sticker, you can put the non-marking sticker on the wall, glass or smooth surface objects, and hang the foldable trash can. For example, stick it on the kitchen wall, kitchen cabinet door; or stick it on the washing machine for collecting dirty socks, or stick it on the refrigerator surface for placing frozen goods to wait for thawing. It can also prevent pets from climbing the garbage in the garbage can.

Q & A

1.How much weight can this trash can hold?

Our foldable hanging trash can is sturdily designed and can hold up to 5 kg of trash.

2.What is the capacity of the trash can?

When unfolded, the trash can has a capacity of approximately 7-10 liters, which is sufficient for daily use.

3. How much space does the trash can take up when folded?

When folded, the trash can is very compact and takes up only about 5 cm of space, making it very space-saving.

4.What material is the trash can made of? Is it environmentally friendly?

The trash can is made of high-quality PP plastic, which is durable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

5.How do you clean the trash can?

Cleaning is very easy. You can wipe it with warm water and a mild detergent, or simply rinse it directly.

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