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✨Fast Dark Spot Remover-Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum

✨Fast Dark Spot Remover-Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum

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✨Fast Dark Spot Remover-Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum

✨Fast Dark Spot Remover-Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum

Regular price $24.99
Regular price $24.99 Sale price $38.45
SAVE 35% Sold out


"I have post-surgical pigmentation, which makes me feel quite anxious about my face. I'm glad I tried this serum since it really does work like magic. My dark facial pigmentation has significantly lessened in just under two months thanks to it! This face serum is my holy grail."- Quennie Hilton

"Sunbathing relaxes me, but despite sunscreen, dark spots made me self-conscious. Expensive treatments had minimal results, but an affordable product dramatically improved my skin after just a few days. By using it consistently, my complexion returned to normal and became more hydrated and smooth. Now I can enjoy sunbathing without worry. The lesson - the most expensive isn't always the most effective; find what works for you.”-Susan Marks


Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum has been clinically proven to lighten and eliminate dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and melasma: the acids gently fade and peel dark spots to expose brighter skin. The hue of this serum can range from light amber to dark brown due to the natural elements in its mix.


Dermatologist and dermatology expert Dr. Naomi Hosteller has been practicing for over ten years. She is renowned for her expertise in skin health and for the way she uses cutting-edge cosmetic procedures and dermatological technologies to create and maintain the most natural-looking skin. Additionally, she recommends Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum as one of the top products for eradicating dark spots and avoiding hyperpigmentation.


Hyperpigmentation, a common skin disorder that happens when the skin generates too much melanin, can cause dark patches on the face. Scarring, age, sun exposure, and other factors can all contribute to hyperpigmentation.

Skin pigmentation and dark spots can significantly impact our appearance and self-confidence. Their formation is often the result of the combined action of multiple factors. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can stimulate the melanocytes in the skin to overproduce melanin, leading to localized pigmentation. Inflammatory stimuli to the skin can also promote melanin synthesis. Additionally, hormonal imbalances during certain physiological periods in women, as well as the use of certain topical medications (such as retinoids and antibiotics), can also trigger pigmentation. Genetic factors and endocrine disorders are also potential causes of pigmentation and dark spots. Therefore, identifying and addressing these underlying factors in a targeted manner is crucial for the effective prevention and treatment of pigmentary skin problems.


The Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum targets the skin's excessive melanin synthesis, which results in hyperpigmentation and dark patches. These serums have potent chemicals that work to control melanin synthesis, lighten existing dark spots, and stop the development of new ones.

Inhibiting Melanin Production

Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum Contains special bee venom peptides, which are bioactive peptides extracted from bee venom with various beneficial skin care and health functions. Bee venom peptides effectively reduce melanin production in the skin, break down existing dark clusters, and promote the growth of new healthy skin cells, helping to fade hyperpigmentation.

Promoting Cell Turnover

The serum helps to promote cell turnover and the growth of new, healthy skin cells. By speeding up the skin's natural exfoliation process, retinoids can help to fade dark spots and promote a brighter, more even skin tone.

Hydrates & Moisturize Skin 

The has natural extract ingredients which  are humectants, which can attract and hold water, helping to increase the moisture content of the skin. The molecules penetrate the skin's surface and draw moisture from the environment into the deeper layers of the skin, helping to plump up the skin and improve its overall appearance.


  1.Bee venom peptides has a variety of wrinkle-fighting properties, including boosting collagen production, antioxidant effects, promoting blood circulation, and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These benefits help to break down accumulated melanin, making the skin brighter and smoother

  2.Retinol - Retinol A is an effective anti-aging ingredient that promotes skin cell turnover and collagen synthesis, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also improves skin texture and tone, diminishes hyperpigmentation, and makes the skin firmer and smoother. 

3. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and reduces damage to skin cells. It also inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, reducing melanin production and thereby brightening the skin. Additionally, Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, making the skin brighter and more even-toned.

 4. Niacinamide - Niacinamide can inhibit the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes, thereby reducing surface pigmentation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce skin inflammation and redness, while enhancing the skin's barrier function to maintain healthy and hydrated skin

4. Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera has moisturizing and soothing properties that repair damaged skin barriers. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics can reduce skin inflammation and infections, preventing the worsening of pigmentation. Aloe Vera also promotes skin cell regeneration, helping the skin recover health more quickly.


 Natural, plant-based product

 Help regulate melanin production

Reduce apperance of dark spots

Brightens and even out skin tone

 Stimulate cell turnover and promote healthy skin cells

 Speeds up skin exfoliation process

 Absorbs quickly with a non-greasy, non-sticky finish & won't clog pores

 Scientifically smooths & tightens skin

 Suitable for every skin type: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin & mature skin


"I bought this product three weeks ago and the results are amazing. One can notice the difference per application. Within a week my stubborn face marks lightened to 70% and i am not joking. I had spent so much money on dermas so far, had it been known to me i could have saved a fortune. Writing this review after my personal experience and my skin is absolutely great. It has brightened and the the whole skin tone became even." - Natasha Klein

"I absolutely lost it and lost hope with every medication and dermatologist product since I had pigmentation on my nose and upper lips that was spreading to the rest of my face. The Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum I purchased is truly a wonderful product, and I'm still in awe of how quickly it works. I'm posting this since after I used the serum, I saw a difference in my obstinate pigmentation." - Donnalyn Sage

"I am 47 years old and I love sunbathing at the beach. This causes a lot of dark spots on my skin, especially on my hands. I accidentally discovered this serum and it really eliminated the dark spots on my hands. I have been using it for a month."-Tammy Richards

"It literally brought drastic changes on my skin. Helped reduce my hyperpigmentation spots with 2-3 weeks of regular usage. What I love the most is that this serum is very hydrating. It hydrates those dark patches and even out my skin tone. " - Dahlia Samson

“As I got older, I gradually got some skin spots on my face; I understand the relentlessness of the years, but I still wanted to look perfect. After a week of use, the skin spots have completely disappeared and my pores are finer than before; I really recommend it!They do work!” - Claire Muller


1. Wash and dry your face.

2. Dispense 2-3 drops onto the palm of clean hand and use fingertips to massage into face and neck until fully absorbed.

3. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Repeat morning and night.



1 x Dobshow™ Melanin Correcting Facial Serum

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