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Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen

Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen

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Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen

Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price $59.97
SAVE 58% Sold out

In August 2023, the 32nd European ENT Conference unveiled a groundbreaking Infrared Thermal therapy with EMS for the treatment of tinnitus. The Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen became available on November 4, 2023, and experienced a complete sell-out on its first day!

The Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen introduces Medical-level Infrared Thermal and EMS therapy to alleviate the prolonged suffering caused by tinnitus. After 12 years of continuous research, studies, and over 200 clinical trials, we have successfully integrated our LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) technology, therapeutic heat, TENS therapy, and vibration into a user-friendly device, providing the most effective relief and recovery experience for tinnitus.

Discover genuine feedback from real individuals who have enjoyed the advantages of using the Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen

“I cannot overstate how thankful I am for the transformative impact Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen has had on my life. Living with tinnitus was a constant struggle until I discovered DrWave – a true lifesaver. The combination of thermal therapy and TENS technology has made a noticeable and lasting difference, freeing me from the overwhelming dominance of my tinnitus. My favorite sounds, once muted by the persistent ringing, are now a source of joy again. What sets this apart is not just its temporary relief but the sustained improvement it brings. Most notably, it has granted me the ability to enjoy peaceful nights of uninterrupted sleep, a luxury I hadn't experienced in a long time.” - Emily Kary

“Working in a loud factory environment led to the development of tinnitus, turning my nights into a sleep-deprived nightmare. At the suggestion of my wife, I tried the Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen, and it has truly made a significant difference. Its soothing sensation feels like a gentle massage, providing comfort and effectively managing my tinnitus and relieving ear pain and Trigeminal nerve pain. The DrWave Thermal Pen has become an essential part of my daily routine.” - Brent Robinson

Immerse Yourself In The World Of The Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen: Transform Your Tinnitus Experience

Damage to the hair cells in the inner ear cochlea is a known cause of tinnitus. The cochlea, located in the inner ear, contains thousands of tiny hair cells that are highly sensitive to the vibrations of sound. When these hair cells in the inner ear are damaged or injured, they may produce abnormal electrical signals. These abnormal signals can be interpreted by the brain as noise or sound, resulting in the perception of tinnitus. This type of damage can be caused by various factors, including prolonged exposure to high-volume noise, age-related degeneration, ear infections, ear trauma, or other health issues.

The Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen is a revolutionary solution for those seeking relief from tinnitus. Recognizing how tinnitus can disrupt sleep, hinder communication, and diminish life's pleasures, we present the Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen. This innovation transforms your auditory experience, redefines your connection with sound, and revitalizes overall well-being.

Embark on a transformative journey bidding farewell to persistent ear ringing with the Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen. This cutting-edge device integrates thermal therapy, nerve stimulation, and user-friendly customization, going beyond mere tinnitus management to reclaim your life. Discover its remarkable features, the science behind it, and the life-altering benefits.

Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen: Unveiling the Science Behind Tinnitus Relief

The meticulous design of the Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen focuses on providing relief from tinnitus through the integration of red light, infrared therapy, EMS, and thermal therapy.

Let me break down the scientific principles that underlie the device's functionality:

Infrared Therapy - Foster Inner Ear Hair Cell Regeneration

Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen utilizes a multi-pronged strategy, incorporating red light, infrared therapy, and microcurrent technology to address various facets of tinnitus, foster inner ear hair cell regeneration, and enhance overall auditory well-being. The microcurrent technology is pivotal in our holistic relief approach, employing gentle electrical currents to indirectly alleviate nerve-related aspects of tinnitus without directly impacting muscle contractions, promising improved auditory well-being and relief from tinnitus challenges.

Integrated into the device, infrared therapy complements this approach by leveraging red and near-infrared light to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. Recognized for its pain-relieving properties, it targets pain receptors in the ear regions, offering relief from tinnitus discomfort. Additionally, infrared therapy shows promise in managing sharp or burning neuropathic pain by addressing underlying nerve-related causes.

Advance TENS Technology - Relax Facial Muscle

TENS has demonstrated its effectiveness as a proactive muscle-relaxing tool, often prescribed to ease tension in facial muscles and alleviate pain. The impulses generated mimic the action potential from the central nervous system, prompting muscle contractions. This correction of an overloaded nervous system initiates improved blood circulation, potentially reducing the perception of pain.

Controlled Thermal Therapy - Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic

Thermal therapy is a key component in the approach of the Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen to managing tinnitus. By maintaining a controlled temperature range of 38-40 degrees Celsius (100.4-104 degrees Fahrenheit), the treatment yields significant benefits, particularly in terms of improved blood circulation.

Within this optimal temperature range, heat promotes vasodilation, expanding blood vessels in the affected ear regions and enhancing circulation. This increased blood flow facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen, supporting cell recovery and reducing the intensity of tinnitus, thereby enhancing auditory comfort.

Physician-Recommended Comfort, Preferred by Experts

"In my professional assessment, the Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen introduces an innovative and highly promising approach to addressing tinnitus," comments Dr. Camella Tucker, MD, a distinguished Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist at the Institute of Auditory Health in California. "The incorporation of Thermal and Red Light Therapy, along with TENS, provides a comprehensive solution. I am confident that the Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen has the potential to significantly impact the lives of individuals managing tinnitus. Its multifaceted and scientifically grounded design positions it as the definitive choice for those seeking substantial relief from tinnitus and an overall enhancement of their auditory well-being."

What Makes The Nurbini™ Ear Acupoint Massage Pulse Device Be The GREAT CHOICE?

Cutting-Edge Tinnitus Management: The Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen leads the way in tinnitus management technology, providing advanced and effective relief for those experiencing tinnitus.

Revitalizing Ear Hair Cells: The inherent properties of Red Light TENS microcurrent for tinnitus, when precisely administered, activate latent regenerative potential within damaged cells. This triggers a series of cellular responses, leading to the restoration of impaired cellular structures and the promotion of cell division.

Innovative Infrared Therapy: The application of Red Light with infrared therapy around facial areas deeply penetrates tissues, specifically targeting pain receptors. This interaction with pain receptors is believed to reduce pain signals, alleviating the physical discomfort associated with tinnitus and providing potential relief for facial paralysis.

Advanced TENS Technology Approach: The Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen incorporates TENS technology alongside microcurrent technology to encourage the regeneration of inner ear hair cells, improve blood circulation, and support overall auditory well-being, potentially offering relief for facial paralysis.

Precision in Thermal Therapy: The Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen's precise thermal therapy system maintains a consistent temperature range of 38-40 degrees Celsius (100.4-104 degrees Fahrenheit) for optimal healing and tinnitus relief, ensuring a soothing and effective experience.

Here are some of our happy customers:

“I've tried numerous approaches to combat my tinnitus, and the Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen is the first one that has truly stood out, making a significant difference in my experience. The thermal therapy it provides is remarkably soothing, offering a level of comfort that I hadn't found with other methods. The distinct reduction in both the loudness and frequency of my tinnitus is notably effective. Having this noticeable improvement in the intensity of my tinnitus has truly been the best outcome for me.” - Dylan Meyers

"The Nurbini™ DrWave Tinnitus NerveTreat Thermal Pen has been really helpful for me, especially dealing with facial paralysis. The warmth it gives off is crazy relaxing, making it a must-have in my daily routine. The TENS feature feels like a chill massage for my face, adding that extra layer of comfort. Since I started using this thing, not only has my tinnitus chilled out a lot, but it's been a real blessing in making life with facial paralysis a bit more comfortable. Definitely a cool addition to my daily routine!" - Daphne Sheldon


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