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Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

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Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

Regular price $12.97
Regular price $12.97 Sale price $26.97
SAVE 51% Sold out

Easy to draw hairy brows without tattooing 💖

Your eyebrows, the finishing touch to your beauty. Modern women's confidence and charm come from perfectly shaped eyebrows. Now, let us introduce you to a revolutionary eyebrow pencil that will bring you an unprecedented eyebrow makeup experience - Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen!

Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen is an innovative product designed for the modern woman. It is made with advanced formulas and technologies, as well as high-quality raw materials to give you a natural, long-lasting and comfortable brow look.

Functional Features:

  • designed with a precise microfork tip that easily defines the delicate shape of the eyebrows, it can depict a realistic, hair-like magic pencil. It offers precise control, allowing you to easily define the shape and line of your brows, and have natural brows without tattooing.
    Whether it's a hot summer day or an intense workout, Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen stays perfect, doesn't smudge, doesn't fall off and always shows your confidence and beauty. It utilizes advanced waterproof technology to make your eyebrow makeup long-lasting and durable.

    The color is natural and three-dimensional, which can easily fill in sparse eyebrows for a perfect and layered look. It offers a wide range of color options to adapt to different skin tones and hair colors, allowing you to personalize your brow makeup.
    It has an automatic swivel design, no need to sharpen, convenient and easy to carry, whether you are on the go or daily makeup touch-ups, you can easily use it to show your beauty anytime and anywhere.
    Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen can be used not only to fill in your eyebrows, but also to touch up your hairline, creating a natural, yet perfect hairline effect that will give you a more natural and three-dimensional look.

Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen is made with high quality dyes and pigments  that have been rigorously screened and tested to ensure color saturation and stability. It also contains moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin E and natural plant extracts to provide nourishment and protection to your eyebrows, making them look healthier and smoother.

     Customer Reviews

    I had the pleasure of trying it once, and the pencil was very smooth and easy to color, the drawn on brows were basically visible at the root, and there was no clumping or rubbing off of the color.

    --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London,  Bella Adair

    This eyebrow pencil holds up well, doesn't smudge, doesn't flake, and also due to the fact that it fills in the hairline, I've been using it for a day and I haven't had any dropouts!

    --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London,  Joana Bailey


    Step 1. Always apply the pen on clean skin.

    Step 2. Place forked tip angled down, start from nose to outer corner of brow, draw hair like strokes slowly. Repeat for desired effect.

    Step 3. To saturate the tip of the pen, hold the pen face down for 5 seconds & gently wipe the tip on a clean tissue before continuing the application. Always make sure to replace cap tightly.

    Step 4. To remove, use soap and water or a makeup remover product.


    • Net Weight: 1 ml
    • Color: Light brown, Dark brown, Auburn brown, Gray
    • Package Size: 15 x 8 x 8 cm 


    • 1 x Dobshow™ Eyebrow Tattoo Pen
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