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Dobshow™🔥BIG SALE - 49% OFF🔥🔥Liquid Foundation

Dobshow™🔥BIG SALE - 49% OFF🔥🔥Liquid Foundation

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Dobshow™🔥BIG SALE - 49% OFF🔥🔥Liquid Foundation

Dobshow™🔥BIG SALE - 49% OFF🔥🔥Liquid Foundation

Regular price $31.99
Regular price $31.99 Sale price $74.99
SAVE 57% Sold out

Grab a mirror. If you feel like your facial age is already over 40 and you're still using liquid foundation and concealer, what you're about to see will help you make your face look 5-10 years younger in just 90 seconds...

You see, in this billion-dollar greedy beauty industry, most companies prioritize profits over people, slapping "unique" labels on cheap, generic formulations.

But this "one-formula-fits-all-ages" kind of liquid foundation may work for you when you're young and your skin is texture-free, but after 35+, it actually ends up working against you...

Here are a few ways to tell if you've chosen the right liquid foundation for yourself:

1、Your Makeup Settles And Creases In Lines and Wrinkles!

Instead of covering up, it exaggerates even the tiniest fine lines around your eyes and mouth, making you look even older.

2、Your Makeup Sits On Your Skin, Looks Dry and Cakey.

Drying liquid formulas when used on a more textured face, only make skin look chalky and dull. Some products are cakey from the get-go, while others look perfect in the morning and are cakey by lunch.

3、Its Only Job Is To Conceal Skin Concerns, Not Correct Them.

Generic liquid formulas can actually speed up the aging process as they’re packed with drying additives, harsh irritative chemicals, and contain no high-quality, anti-aging skincare ingredients

4、You’ve Been Using The Same Formula Since Your 20s Or 30s.

98% makeup isn’t made for a more mature skin type. So if you’re 40 and seeing dull, lackluster, crinkled skin…don’t blame aging, blame your makeup.

If you’ve noticed even one of these four signs, it’s time to switch to a cream formula that’s…

 Liquid Foundation is the only “mature skin” Liquid foundation of its kind.

A Liquid foundation designed for older women that doesn't just “mask” the signs of aging, but makes them vanish over time. Experience amazing short-term coverage that NEVER settles into those fine lines, and achieve younger, firmer and brighter looking skin in the long-term.


  • It works as a makeup foundation to fully conceal flaws including wrinkles, flecks, acne, large pores, acne scars & any dark spot. 


  • Tap-on Buildable CoverageTap to form sheer, medium or even full coverage to conceal flaws including wrinkles,flecks, acne,large pores,acne scars &any dark spot, and improves skin texture for younger-looking skin.


  • Excellent Oil Controlling: No clogging of skin pores, preventingacne breakouts.

  • Acts as Skincare: Rejuvenating formula retains skin elasticity and moisture.

  • For All Skin TonesWhich instantly reduce redness & correct uneven skin toneAuto color correction is based on your own skin tone.

  • Long-Lasting, Waterproof & Sweat-proof: Stays long up to 24 hours and keeps soft coverage without greasy feeling.
  • Anti-UVFeaturing SPF 20 to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

  • For All Skin TypesIdeal for oily, dry, combination, acne, sensitive skin or even red skin.

Active Ingredients

  • By addressing the main causes of skin aging in older women, we’ve been able to combat these aging signs, with 7 scientifically proven ingredients for firmer, brighter, and younger-looking skin… regardless of skin type or sensitivity.

It works above and beneath the skin…

Packed with high-quality anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants and peptides, this breakthrough concealer not only concealers imperfections on the surface, but also works beneath the surface to hydrate, smooth, and firm your skin with each application.


  • Step 1. Use the makeup brush and press into cushion.
  • Step 2. Tap the applicator onto the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
  • Step 3. Blend all over using gentle downward strokes in a tapping motion.


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  • Net Content: 50g
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Skin Type: For all skin types
  • Color: Natural, Light,Medium,Deep,Dark

Our product is 100% Natural and Cruelty-free,Not test on animals🌿🌿


  • 2 x Liquid Foundation


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