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Cozzzzy™ Gold Foil Deluxe Poker Card

Cozzzzy™ Gold Foil Deluxe Poker Card

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Cozzzzy™ Gold Foil Deluxe Poker Card

Cozzzzy™ Gold Foil Deluxe Poker Card

Regular price $14.97
Regular price $14.97 Sale price $22.97
SAVE 34% Sold out

🃏High-Quality Materials🎴

These Gold Foil Deluxe Poker Cards are made with premium materials, such as high-quality Plastic Paper and gold foil veneer, ensuring outstanding durability and long-term usage quality. Whether it's for playing card games or performances, these playing cards can withstand frequent use and prolonged wear.

🃏Unique Design🎴

Each playing card is meticulously designed, paying attention to detail and aesthetics. The incorporation of the gold foil element gives both the card backs and fronts a dazzling golden shine, bestowing upon the playing cards a luxurious and unique charm. Whether in games or displays, these playing cards are sure to capture people's attention.

🃏Shimmering Appearance🎴

Be amazed with its visual aesthetic of stunning black/gold foil embossing, high-end 3D pattern and an impressive US dollars design behind the poker. Providing 5 delicate styles to match with different vibes of game, like 24k gold USD, color gold USD, black USD, silver USD and threaded gold. Featuring smooth, clean edges individual cards for a more comfortable game play.  Making your game night exciting with an added desire of win and deluxe touch.

🃏Limited Edition Collectible Value🎴

    Due to their uniqueness and limited production, these gold foil luxury playing cards hold precious collectible value. For playing card collectors, these limited edition playing cards are rare treasures that may appreciate in value over time. Whether gifted to collectors or kept as personal treasures, these playing cards make for a valuable and meaningful gift.

    🃏Versatile Usage🎴

      In addition to regular playing card games, these gold foil luxury playing cards have versatile applications. You can use them for magic performances, showcasing your skills and charm. You can also engage in fancy poker tricks, bringing surprise and entertainment to your audience. Furthermore, these playing cards are great for social gatherings and entertainment activities, showcasing your unique style and taste. Whether it's at family gatherings, parties, or bar events, these gold foil luxury playing cards will become your standout feature.

      In summary, these gold foil luxury playing cards stand out with their high-quality materials, unique design, and shimmering appearance. They are meticulously crafted and hold valuable collectible value and unique charm, whether as collectibles or gifts. Whether showcasing your taste in games or demonstrating your skills in performances, these playing cards will be your proud possessions. Whether as gifts or personal collections, the gold foil luxury playing cards offer you a distinct and extraordinary experience.

      🃏Customer Reply🎴

      As I'm a practising magician, I thought I'd get a new deck of cards that look a bit special. I ordered these and when they arrived, I was over the moon. Perfect for those special occasions, when you want something that looks a bit flash. They are well worth the money. I would have been over the moon if someone would have bought me these as a gift.

       --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Michigan, Jordan Jones


      Good cards, they look great and have a definite wow factor when using them. They feel solid and seem waterproof. Exactly as per the description.

      --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London, Caleb Austin

      🃏Gift Choice🎴

      This gold foil luxury playing cards are a unique and memorable gift choice. Whether for birthdays, Christmas, wedding anniversaries, or other special occasions, these playing cards bring a unique experience. Whether for poker enthusiasts or art collectors, these playing cards serve as a distinctive and valuable gift.


          • Material: PVC
          • Size: 5.7 x 8.7cm
          • 1 x Cozzzzy™ Gold Foil Deluxe Poker Card

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