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Bloomssss PROMAX Revolutionary High-Efficiency Light Therapy Device For Toenail Diseases

Bloomssss PROMAX Revolutionary High-Efficiency Light Therapy Device For Toenail Diseases

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Bloomssss PROMAX Revolutionary High-Efficiency Light Therapy Device For Toenail Diseases

Bloomssss PROMAX Revolutionary High-Efficiency Light Therapy Device For Toenail Diseases

Regular price $29.97
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Satisfied customers shared their experiences using the Bloomssss Revolutionary High-Efficiency Light Therapy Device For Toenail Diseases

"I have sought medical help for toenail paronychia on two of my toes over the years, and each time I was given a different diagnosis and treatment plan. Unfortunately, none of these costly interventions proved to be effective. However, since I started using this phototherapy device, things have been improving significantly. The application process is quite simple, and it appears to be effectively drying out the paronychia and the affected nails. It's one of the few treatments I've tried that has made some noticeable changes to the appearance of my nails." - Jillian Henderson

"On the first day I received this product, I used it 5-6 times, and when I woke up the next day, I was amazed by the noticeable change. The thicker nail had lightened in color, and I attribute this 100% to the effectiveness of this device. It's been about 7 days now, and it's truly unbelievable how clear my toe looks. It seems that the fungus has been eradicated, allowing my nail to grow. I would advise using the device more frequently than the instructions suggest - you won't be disappointed! No need for oils or other ointments, just rely on this device alone! I've only had to charge it once, and I'm currently using it as I write this review 😂. Hopefully, by August, I'll finally be able to wear sandals!" - Timothy Callen


What is Toenail disease?

Toenail disease refers to various diseases of toenails caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, trauma, genetic factors, etc., including toenail fungal infection, paronychia, black line of toenail, onychomycosis, abnormal growth of toenail, etc.

Paronychia, fungal infections, and other issues with toenails occur when bacteria infiltrate the compromised skin surrounding the cuticle and nail fold, leading to an infection.


How does Bloomssss Revolutionary High-Efficiency Light Therapy Device works?

Bloomssss Revolutionary High-Efficiency Light Therapy Device uses blue light therapy combined with infrared cold laser technology to effectively eliminate fungi, inhibit inflammation, and prevent infection. Thereby solving nail pain and swelling, eliminating pus or pustules, inhibiting foot itching, peeling, thickening of nails and other problems.

What is Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy is a medical treatment that utilizes a specific wavelength of blue light (470 nm) to address nail-related issues. During blue light therapy, the patient's nails are exposed to blue light with a wavelength of 470 nanometers, which penetrates the outer layer of the nail and triggers a photodynamic response in the keratin present. This photodynamic reaction prompts the keratin to interact with oxygen molecules, generating harmful oxygen free radicals that can harm or eliminate bacteria and fungi in the vicinity of the nail. Additionally, blue light possesses antibacterial properties and can help reduce inflammation-induced infections, alleviate symptoms such as redness, heat, and pain at the site of inflammation, and facilitate the long-term repair of damage, all without any adverse effects or drug resistance.

What is Infrared Cold Laser?

Infrared cold laser therapy is a medical and rehabilitative technique that utilizes infrared light emitted by infrared lasers to address pain and support tissue healing. Typically, the wavelength range of infrared cold lasers falls between 650 nm and 1000 nm, with common wavelengths being 808 nm and 905 nm.

During infrared cold laser therapy, the infrared light generated by the laser is focused on the area experiencing pain or injury. This infrared light has the ability to penetrate deep layers of the skin and reach the underlying tissues. Within the tissues, the infrared light exerts biophysical effects, including the promotion of cellular metabolism and increased production of cellular energy. It also facilitates improved blood circulation, effectively reducing inflammation and eliminating infection in the paronychia area. Additionally, the therapy strengthens tissue repair and supports the natural healing processes.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the Revolutionary High-Efficiency Light Therapy Device for Toenail Disease provides significant pain relief and facilitates the easy removal of ingrown nails and bacteria. Moreover, the specialized membrane incorporated in the device enhances comfort and has been proven as an effective solution for treating paronychia of the toenail. This innovative approach offers valuable insights into pain management in toenail conditions.

What makes Bloomssss Revolutionary High-Efficiency Light Therapy Device For Toenail Disease Special?

  • Inhibit fungal infection
  • Prevents in growth, straightens nails
  • Pain and swelling relief
  • Improve nail condition
  • Clean up yellow and dark nails
  • Correct distorted shapes
  • Help decrease discoloration
  • Support healthy nail regeneration

Here are some of our happy customers

"I have a transplanted organ and my immune system is permanently reduced. I cannot fight nail fungus and I can't take the meds other people can take. My only choice was topical expensive meds and they did not work. I have lost this toenail once completely, and it was all starting again. Skin doctor told me to give up but in passing mentioned "even in the winter, you need that nail in sunlight." That gave me the idea to look for something like this. I stopped the topical med. You can see that the fungus keeps trying to come back every day, but LOOK! I use this once a day on this toe. IT WORKS. I use it for two cycles each day." - Lowell Ganner

"This product truly works!!! I've been battling toe nail ingrown for years now. After using it, the ingrown on my large toes had disappeared. I am dedicated to using it twice daily, and I work hard to thoroughly clean and sanitize all grooming equipment. But nothing has ever been this OBVIOUSLY successful before! By the summer of next year, I should be back in my open-toed footwear!"- Erich Bellinger 


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