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Cozzy™Waterproof Tile Gap Repair Filler

Cozzy™Waterproof Tile Gap Repair Filler

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Cozzy™Waterproof Tile Gap Repair Filler

Cozzy™Waterproof Tile Gap Repair Filler

Regular price $14.97
Regular price $14.97 Sale price $22.97
SAVE 34% Sold out

Make your tiles look freshly clean and new in a breeze with this multipurpose  Cozzy™waterproof tile gap filler!

This exceptional filler is formulated as a thick, white liquid solution that offers a convenient solution for filling, fixing, and sealing tile gaps and cracks. With its efficient application, it allows you to instantly refresh the appearance of your space and eliminate unsightly grouting stains, molds, and other accumulated grime. In addition, it provides a strong and long-lasting bond that prevents tiles from shifting, lifting, or cracking along the edges over time.

Furthermore, this gap filler possesses excellent waterproof properties, offering protection against moisture and liquid exposure. It also features antifungal and antimicrobial properties, effectively preventing the growth of harmful molds and ensuring the longevity of your tiles. With this filler, you can maintain a clean and pristine look while safeguarding your tiled surfaces from the damaging effects of moisture and unwanted growths.

This versatile tile gap filler is designed to effectively address cracks, gaps, and spaces in various areas. It is suitable for applications in kitchen tiles, bathtub tiles, living room tiles, wash basins, toilet gaps, balcony sinks, porch tiles, corridor tiles, sealing joints, and more. Its ready-to-use solution and user-friendly nozzle allow for smooth and mess-free application even in tight gaps or spaces.

The filler is created using a premium, non-toxic formulation, ensuring that it can be safely applied without causing any harm, weakening, or degradation to the quality of the tiles. It offers a convenient solution to not only seal gaps but also enhance the strength and appearance of tiled structures.

With this multipurpose waterproof tile gap filler, you can achieve a stronger tiled structure and an improved overall look, providing long-lasting protection and visual appeal to your tiled surfaces.


  • Multipurpose Tile Filler
    A high-performance, perfect sealing solution that can successfully fill, fix, and seal all at once to various tile gaps with great ease and speed. It offers a thick, liquid-like white color grout that effectively penetrates through the spaces between tiles or cracks with a neat looking finish. Eliminating the look off unpleasantly old and dirty grouting stains, molds, and other unwanted grime build ups. Moreover, this filler also dries off quickly with a permanent gripping to ensure that no tiles would start moving over time or getting cracked along the edges. 

  • Maximum Sealing Protection
    This versatile gap filler provides an excellent blend of waterproofing qualities and antifungal/anti-mold protection. It effectively seals gaps and keeps water, moisture, splashes, and other liquids from penetrating in and causing different damages or early aging issues. Additionally, this tile filler also prevents dirts from penetrating through as well as stopping molds from accumulating. You can now hinder your tiles from easily weakening and from lifting of the floors or counters even after multiple years!

  • Widely Applicable

    The tile gap filler features an outstanding adhesive performance that effectively fills and seals various types of cracks and spaces. It securely adheres to kitchen tiles, bathtub tiles, living room tiles, wash basins, toilet gaps, balcony sinks, porch tiles, corridor tiles, and sealing joints, providing a seamless and durable bond.

    What sets this filler apart is its ability to thicken and toughen once dry, offering an additional layer of protection. This feature helps to prevent brittle and cracking issues, reducing the need for frequent repairs. Unlike other products, this filler ensures long-lasting durability, saving you time and effort in the long run.

  • Quick and Easy to Use

    This versatile gap filler provides a convenient ready-to-use compound, eliminating the need for complicated mixing or additional tools. It simplifies the filling, fixing, and sealing process, saving you time and effort. The filler also includes an easy-to-apply nozzle, allowing for smooth and mess-free application, even in tight gaps or spaces.

    Using this gap filler is straightforward. Begin by wiping the tile clean and ensuring it is dry. Then, align the nozzle with the gaps you wish to fill and apply the compound. Once applied, allow it to dry completely. After drying, your task is complete, and the filled gaps will be sealed and ready to go.

    This user-friendly approach makes it an ideal choice for beginners, DIY enthusiasts, professionals, repairers, and anyone seeking a hassle-free solution for filling and sealing tile gaps.

  • Premium Quality

    Crafted using a premium, ready-to-use solution, this tile gap filler offers exceptional sealing, waterproofing, and anti-mold capabilities. Its high-quality formulation ensures reliable performance. With a generous capacity of 150ml, it provides enough filler to cover impressive distances of over 60 meters when filling tile gaps and spaces.

    What sets this multipurpose tile gap filler apart is its commitment to safety. It is free from toxic ingredients that could potentially harm, weaken, or degrade the quality of your tiles. Additionally, it does not emit strong chemical odors, prioritizing the safety and health of users during application.

    By utilizing this tile gap filler, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are using a high-quality product that effectively seals gaps, provides waterproofing, and offers protection against mold growth, all while ensuring the safety and longevity of your tiles.

  • Weight: 100ml
  • 1 x  Cozzy™Waterproof Tile Gap Repair Filler

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