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Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Repeller

Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Repeller

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Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Repeller

Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Repeller

Regular price $21.97
Regular price $21.97 Sale price $39.99
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Bed Bugs: A Silent Menace to Health and Environment - Taking Action for a Safer Future

Bed bugs pose more than just an inconvenience; they present a significant risk to both our well-being and the environment. These minuscule parasites have the potential to induce skin irritations, trigger allergic responses, cause psychological distress, and can even serve as disease vectors.

Over the past two to three years, the incidence of bedbug infestations in France, particularly in Paris, has been on the rise, with peak occurrences typically observed during the summer months. According to the National Institute for the Study and Control of Bedbugs (INELP), the severity of bedbug infestations in France has surpassed levels seen in previous years. Reports of bedbugs have emerged in hotels and vacation rental apartments throughout Paris, including notable locations such as Charles de Gaulle airport, the Paris metro, high-speed trains, and movie theaters.

Bed bugs have become a global problem, spreading rapidly across the world due to increased travel and trade. They infest hotels, apartments, schools, hospitals, and even public transportation. Bed bugs are not only a personal issue, they are a public one. We need to act now to prevent further damage and suffering caused by these pests.

Cozzy™  BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Killer Device here comes to you!

Eliminate bothersome pests effortlessly with the assistance of the Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Killer Device designed for your home. This device harnesses the power of electromagnetism technology to effectively repel bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, rats, and other harmful pests from infiltrating your living spaces and lawns. With its plug-in feature, this electronic pest deterrent is highly efficient and suitable for domestic use. Emitting ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, it provides a potent defense against pests and most crawling insects.

Check out the feedbacks from our satisfied customers:

"I've been struggling with a persistent bedbug problem in my bedroom for months, and I was at my wit's end. It seemed like no matter what I tried, those pests just wouldn't go away. But then, I found the Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Killer Device online.
After using it for just a week, I noticed a significant reduction in the number of bedbugs in my bedroom. It's like they've started disappearing magically. The best part is, this device doesn't use any harmful chemicals or toxins, making it safe for me and my family.
I can finally sleep peacefully without worrying about those pesky bedbugs biting me at night. If you're dealing with a similar issue, I highly recommend giving the Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Killer Device a try. It's been a lifesaver for me!"
Clyde Benjamin, 28, Birmingham, Alabama
"The bedbug situation in my home's corner area was becoming unbearable. After using the Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Killer Device for just one week, I witnessed a remarkable reduction in the bedbug population."
"It's been a lifesaver, and I no longer dread that part of my home. What's even better is that I didn't have to resort to any chemicals. If you're dealing with a pest problem, this device is a must-try. It's made my home more comfortable, and I couldn't be happier with the results."
Laura Crawford, 32, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Electromagnetism & Ultrasonic Technology: Effectively kills the Bedbugs, pests, Ants, Cockroaches, Rats and Other Rodents etc.

When electric and magnetic fields affect each other, we call it electromagnetism. Magnetic fields are created by electric currents, and electric currents are created by changing magnetic fields. Accelerating electric charges produce these fields.

Ultrasonic technology, on the other hand, uses sound waves that are too high for humans to hear, above 20 kHz. These sound waves can be made by objects that vibrate, like piezoelectric crystals or speakers. Ultrasonic technology has many uses, such as helping to control pests.

The Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Killer Device operates by emitting electromagnetic pulses along the wiring within your walls, encouraging pests to vacate the premises. Additionally, it periodically emits ultrasonic waves that irritate pests, deterring them from inhabiting the area where the waves are present. This device prioritizes safety and harmlessness, as it does not pose any threat to humans. Unlike conventional chemical pest control methods, it does not rely on toxic or odorous substances. Consequently, it poses no harm to the targeted animals or human well-being, and it leaves behind no chemical residues or pollution.

A continuous Process To Repel Pest in 4 Weeks

Week 1 > All the pests in your home are running around due to extreme discomfort, which may cause you to see more pests. Don't worry, this is a precursor to their departure from your home.

Week 2 > The nervous system of most pests is damaged, and they have to choose to escape. You will find that many pests have disappeared from your home.

Week 3-4 > Large pests like mice have suffered sufficient damage and stimulation, and after that, no pests can be seen in the home.

Comprehensive Protection (Cover with area up to 1200 sqft) 

The device provides comprehensive coverage, effectively targeting pests throughout your entire home, including bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens, and storage areas. With its wide-reaching scope, it ensures that no corner is left vulnerable to pest infestation.

  • Eliminating Hidden Infestations: Pests can hide in walls, crevices, and other less accessible areas. Full house coverage means that even these hidden infestations are targeted, ensuring a thorough pest control solution.
  • Efficiency: With coverage of up to 1200 sq ft, the device efficiently manages a significant amount of space, reducing the need for multiple units and potentially lowering overall costs.

  • Convenience: Homeowners don't need to worry about manually applying treatments or setting up multiple devices in different rooms. This device offers a convenient and hassle-free solution.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your entire home is protected can provide peace of mind. You can go about your daily activities without concerns about potential pest issues.

More of our happy and satisfied customers:


Environmental Preservation: Harmful pest control methods harm ecosystems, contaminate water sources, and endanger non-target species.

Health Protection: Toxic pesticides pose health risks to humans, leading to respiratory issues and skin irritations.

Resistant Pests: Overuse of pesticides breeds resistant pests, requiring even more chemicals and causing environmental damage.

Sustainability: Eco-friendly pest management methods are sustainable, offering long-term solutions without harming the environment.

By saying no to harmful pest management and yes to safe and sustainable pest management, we can protect ourselves and our planet from pests and their negative impacts.

What makes the Cozzy™ BugsOff Electromagnetism Pest Killer Device be your top choice?

✔️ Electromagnetic Process

✔️ Emits Ultrasonic Waves

✔️ Environmentally Friendly

✔️ High-quality Materials

✔️ Cost-Saving 

✔️ Easy to install and use

✔️ No wires & low maintenance


    • Brand: Cozzy™
    • Colour: Green, Silver
    • Style: Electric Trap
    • Recommended Uses For Product: Indoor
    • Target Species: Bedbugs, Fly, Mosquito, Gnat

    Package Inclusion:

    • Cozzy™ Electromagnetism Pest Repeller x 1

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